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Yogi Govt Unveils Bus Service Expansion Plan to Every Village



Bus Service

Discover the latest developments as the Yogi Government reveals its ambitious plan to expand bus services, aiming to enhance transportation accessibility and connectivity.

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The Yogi Government in Uttar Pradesh has a big plan to make sure that every village in the state has access to government bus services. The transport minister, Daya Shankar Singh, has officially announced that by the end of this year, government buses will reach every village in Uttar Pradesh. This is part of Chief Minister Yogi’s vision to improve transportation for all residents.

The Current Situation

Right now, Uttar Pradesh has a lot of villages – 1,00,983 to be exact! Out of these, only 4,593 villages do not have government bus services. So, the government wants to make sure that these villages also get access to buses.

The Survey

To figure out which villages need bus services, the Transport Department will conduct a survey. This survey will also check if the roads to these villages are suitable for buses. The department will send two teams to each district to do the assessments. They expect to finish the survey within a week.

Identifying Underserved Villages

During the survey, officials will note down villages that are within a two-kilometer radius of areas without government bus services. These villages will be considered underserved, and separate bus services will be started for them. The survey will also help the government understand how many people in each village need bus services.

Progress So Far

It’s important to mention that the Yogi Government has already connected every district to the state capital through government buses. They have also started special services that connect important cities in Uttar Pradesh to the national capital, Delhi. Now, the government wants to take another big step by extending bus services to villages all over the state. This will make transportation better for everyone in Uttar Pradesh.

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