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X Disagrees to Block 177 Accounts

Government wants action against X accounts that Posts Linked to Farmers Protest




Read about the latest controversy as X refuses to block 177 accounts, sparking debate and discussion online.

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In a recent update, the social media platform X, previously known as Twitter, has voiced its disagreement with the Indian government’s decision to block accounts and posts related to the ongoing farmers’ protests. The Ministry of Electronics and IT had asked social media platforms to temporarily block 177 accounts linked to the farmers’ protests following a request from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Upholding Freedom of Expression

X has taken a strong stance by stating that freedom of expression should apply to these posts. While following the government’s orders, X believes that restricting these accounts and posts only in India goes against their belief in free expression. The platform has stressed the importance of transparency and has called for the order to be made public. Unfortunately, due to legal constraints, X cannot share the executive orders directly. However, they argue that making the orders public is crucial for accountability and to prevent arbitrary decision-making.

Pending Writ Appeal

X has also pointed out that a writ appeal challenging the government’s blocking orders is still pending. By advocating for transparency, X hopes to ensure that users understand the reasons behind these actions.

Farmers Protests Context

The ongoing farmer’s protests in India have sparked a lot of debate. Farmers from all over the country are demanding various rights, such as a legal guarantee for minimum support prices (MSP) for crops and forgiveness of farm debts. Tensions rose when clashes broke out at one of the protest sites on the Punjab-Haryana border, leading to injuries and deaths.


As discussions continue about the balance between freedom of expression and government involvement, X’s position highlights the fine line between maintaining order and protecting democratic values. While following the law, platforms like X play a crucial role in shaping public conversations and ensuring transparency.

Vinay Kumar is Marketing Professional turned Entrepreneur, believes in turning ideas into reality.

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