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What happens if ICC WTC final ends in a tie?

The final will be played from 7-11 June 2023 in The Oval, London between India Vs Australia.



WTC match tie

Find out what could happen if the ICC World Test Championship final ends in a tie. Will there be a rematch or will the trophy be shared? Get all the answers in this informative article.

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The ICC World Test Championship (WTC) is a two-year tournament that aims to crown the undisputed champion of Test cricket. The second edition of the WTC began in August 2021 with the five-match series between England and India and will end with a final between the top two teams India and Australia, in the points table.

The points system for the WTC has been revised for the second edition, with each Test match offering 12 points for a win, six points for a tie, and four points for a draw. The standings are determined by the percentage of available points collected by each team.

But what happens if the WTC final ends in a tie or a draw? Will there be a super-over or a bowl-out to decide the winner? Or will there be joint champions?

According to the ICC’s playing conditions for the WTC final, if the match ends in a tie or a draw, the two teams will share the trophy. This means that there will be no super over or any other method to break the deadlock. The ICC has stated that this rule is fair and reflects the nature of Test cricket.

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This rule is different from the one used in the 2019 ODI World Cup final, where England and New Zealand tied after 50 overs and also after the super over. England was declared the winner based on the boundary count rule, which was widely criticized as arbitrary and unfair.

The WTC final rule is also different from the one used in the inaugural WTC cycle, where India and New Zealand qualified for the final based on their percentage of available points collected. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many series were canceled or postponed, which affected the points table and raised questions about its validity.

The ICC has tried to make the WTC final rule as simple and clear as possible, but it also raises some interesting scenarios. For instance, what if one team dominates most of the match but fails to win by a narrow margin? Or what if both teams play equally well and deserve to share the glory? Or what if rain or bad light affects the match and reduces the chances of a result?

These are some of the questions that fans and experts will be debating as they await the WTC final, which is scheduled to take place in June 2023. The venue and date of the final are yet to be announced by the ICC. The current points table shows India at the top with 100% points, followed by Australia with 69.2%. However, there are still many series left to be played before the final standings are decided.

The WTC final promises to be a thrilling contest between two of the best teams in Test cricket, who will be vying for the ultimate prize. However, if they end up tying or drawing the match, they will have to settle for being joint champions – a rare and unique outcome in cricket history.