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UP Congress Launches “Dalit Gaurav Samvad” Campaign

Congress UP unit launches Dalit outreach with Kanshi Ram as campaign face



Dalit Gaurav Samvad

The UP Congress has initiated the Dalit Gaurav Samvad Campaign, aiming to empower and uplift the Dalit community in Uttar Pradesh.

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Understanding the Demands and Aspirations of the Dalit Community

The Uttar Pradesh unit of the Congress party has started a special campaign called “Dalit Gaurav Samvad” to reach out to the Dalit community. This campaign aims to learn about the demands and aspirations of the Dalit community through a document called “Dalit Adhikar Mang Patra”.

What’s the Plan?

The party has planned various activities as part of this campaign. They will organize 4,000-night chaupals, with 10 in each Assembly segment. Additionally, there will be 10 yantras at the divisional level and at least 80 big dialogues, one in each Lok Sabha constituency. These activities will allow the party to directly engage with at least one lakh prominent Dalit personalities.

Collecting Demands

The main goal of the campaign is to distribute at least two lakh Dalit Adhikar Mang Patra. These documents will be given to people from the Dalit community, who will be asked to fill in their top five demands. This way, the party can understand what the community wants and work towards fulfilling those demands.

Monitoring and Social Media

To ensure the campaign runs smoothly, the party has set up a separate control room. They have also formed a dedicated social media team to manage the online presence of the campaign.

Paying Tribute to Kanshi Ram

During the launch of the campaign at the party’s Lucknow office, state Congress president Ajay Rai paid tribute to Kanshi Ram. He mentioned that the BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party) did not do enough for the Dalits. Rai emphasized the importance of remembering Kanshi Ram, who was a leader of a movement, throughout this campaign.