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Sri Lanka Cricket Faces Suspension by ICC Board

Next meeting on Nov 21



Sri Lanka

Find out why Sri Lanka Cricket is at risk of suspension by the ICC Board. Discover the potential consequences and implications for the country’s cricketing future.

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What Happened?

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has suspended Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) due to too much government involvement in the board’s operations. This means that Sri Lanka’s cricket activities are on hold for now.

Why Did This Happen?

The ICC wants to make sure that the government doesn’t interfere too much in how cricket is run in Sri Lanka. They want the SLC to be able to manage its affairs independently.

What Does This Mean for Sri Lankan Cricket?

Right now, Sri Lanka’s cricket won’t be affected too much because there are no games happening until December. Also, the ICC won’t be giving any funds to the SLC until January. However, if the government doesn’t promise to stop interfering, Sri Lanka might not be able to play cricket anymore.

What’s Next?

The ICC board had an online meeting to discuss the situation. They will decide on the next steps during their meeting on November 21. The ICC’s decision to suspend Sri Lanka Cricket might have been unexpected, but it seems like the SLC actually asked for this extreme action to be taken.

What Happened Before?

Earlier this week, Sri Lanka’s sports minister fired the SLC board and put an interim committee in charge. However, the courts later reinstated the original board. This caused a lot of debate in the country’s parliament. But when the ICC suspension came, it was the elected SLC board that was still running cricket in Sri Lanka.

What’s Different from Zimbabwe’s Case?

In 2019, Zimbabwe Cricket was also suspended by the ICC for similar reasons. However, in that case, all cricket activities in the country were stopped, and funding was frozen. The ICC will be more careful with Sri Lanka and won’t shut down cricket completely.

What’s the Role of Sri Lanka’s Sports Minister?

According to the country’s sports law, the sports minister has the power to approve all Sri Lankan national teams. This law has been in place since 1973.


Sri Lanka Cricket is facing a suspension from the ICC due to too much government interference. The ICC wants the SLC to be able to manage cricket independently. The next steps will be decided during the ICC board meeting on November 21. Sri Lanka’s cricket activities won’t be affected immediately, but if the government doesn’t promise to stop interfering, Sri Lanka might not be able to play cricket anymore.