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Rahul Gandhi Takes ‘Pad Yatra’ in Mizoram to Campaign for Assembly Elections 2023

Mizoram Assembly Election is scheduled to vote on November 7 and Result will be disclosed on December 3, 2023



Rahul Gandhi

Discover how Rahul Gandhi is making an impact on the ground and gaining support in the region for his party Congress in the Mizoram Assembly Election 2023.

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi recently embarked on a foot march, known as a padayatra, in Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram. Joined by hundreds of party workers and supporters, Gandhi aimed to rally for the upcoming assembly elections. The padayatra covered a distance of approximately 12 km, starting from the Congress Bhavan and concluding at the Vanapa Hall, where Gandhi delivered a speech.

Rahul Gandhi Interacting with the People

During his two-day visit to Mizoram, Gandhi took the opportunity to engage with the locals. He listened to their concerns and demands, walking alongside them on the padayatra. Additionally, he visited churches and temples, paying his respects to the local deities. Mizoram Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla, state Congress president Zodintluanga Ralte, and other senior party leaders accompanied Gandhi throughout the march.

Gandhi’s Speech

In his rally speech, Gandhi criticized the policies and programs of the BJP-led central government. He claimed that these initiatives were harmful to the interests of the people of Mizoram and the northeast region. Gandhi accused the BJP of attempting to impose its ideology and culture on the diverse and pluralistic society of the area. In contrast, he emphasized that the Congress respected and celebrated the diversity and identity of the people in Mizoram and the northeast.

Gandhi also highlighted the accomplishments of the Congress government in Mizoram over the past decade. These achievements included promoting peace, stability, development, education, healthcare, and social welfare. He assured the crowd that if the Congress were re-elected, they would continue working towards the welfare and progress of the state. Gandhi urged the people to vote for Congress candidates in all 40 constituencies to secure a resounding victory for the party.

Support for Mizoram

Gandhi expressed solidarity with the people of Mizoram, who were facing a severe shortage of essential commodities due to a blockade imposed by certain groups in neighboring Assam over a border dispute. He assured them that the Congress would do everything possible to resolve the issue peacefully and restore normalcy in the state.

Upcoming Elections

The assembly elections in Mizoram are scheduled to take place on November 7, with the results being declared on December 3. The Congress party aims to secure a third consecutive term in power, while the BJP seeks to make inroads into the Christian-majority state for the first time.

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