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Pay more for Essential Medicines from April 1

More than 800 medicines will become expensive from today.



Essential Medicines

Learn about the upcoming changes in the cost of essential medicines starting April 1.

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Price Increase in Essential Medicines

As of now, patients and healthcare providers are facing a big change in the world of medicine. More than 800 medicines, like the ones we use for fevers, are going to get more expensive. This could make it harder for people to afford the medicine they need.

National List of Essential Medicines

The National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM) is a list of important drugs that help with different health problems. Some examples are painkillers, antibiotics, and medicines for infections. The prices of these medicines are going up a little bit every year. This year, the government is allowing a 0.0055% increase in prices. Even though this seems like a small increase, it adds up over time and can be a problem for people who rely on these medicines.

Reasons for Price Increase

The cost of making medicine is going up because the prices of the ingredients needed to make them are increasing. For example, the cost of making paracetamol, a common pain reliever, has gone up by 130%. This means that the companies that make these medicines need to charge more to cover their costs.

Impact on Consumers and Healthcare Providers

This increase in medicine prices means that people might have to pay more for their healthcare. If you don’t have good health insurance or if you don’t make a lot of money, this could be a problem. Doctors might also need to think about the cost when they prescribe medicine to their patients. Pharmacies will also have to adjust their prices, which could affect the medicines they have and how they treat their customers.

Looking Ahead

In the future, we will probably hear more about the cost of medicine. People who make decisions about healthcare, like government officials and groups that help patients, will need to talk about how to keep essential medicines affordable. It’s important to find a balance between helping the companies that make medicine and making sure that everyone can get the medicine they need.


The increase in medicine prices shows us that healthcare is always changing. We all need to work together to make sure that everyone can afford the medicine they need. It’s important to stay informed and speak up about healthcare costs to make sure that everyone stays healthy.

For more information about the price changes and which medicines are affected, you can read reports from The Economic Times and Business Today. These sources can give you more details about how these changes might affect healthcare.

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