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Passport Seva Portal down for the last 3 days

Facing Some Technical Issues




Stay updated on the latest news about the Passport Seva Portal being down for the last 3 days. Find out what technical issues are causing the outage and when the portal is expected to be back up and running.

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Passport Seva portal

What’s Going On?

Technical Problems

The Passport Seva portal, where people go to apply for passports and book appointments, is currently facing technical difficulties. This has been happening for the past three days, making it hard for applicants to use the online system.

Impact on Applicants

This issue is causing a lot of inconvenience for people who need to get their passports. The website being down means that appointments cannot be booked, which is a crucial step in the passport application process.

What Officials Say

Communication Challenges

Despite efforts to reach out to officials from the Passports Seva division of the Ministry of External Affairs, no one has been available to provide information on the situation. However, a person from the helpline mentioned that the portal is experiencing technical difficulties, leading to booking problems.

Efforts to Fix the Problem

The technical team is currently working on resolving the issue, but there is no definite timeline for when the portal will be back to normal. This means that people have been unable to book appointments for the past few days.

Public Reaction

Social Media Outcry

Some frustrated citizens have taken to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the situation. The inability to book appointments has caused a lot of frustration among those who rely on the portal for passport services.

How It Affects You

Booking Appointments

The Passport Seva portal,, is used by people to book appointments at various Passport Seva Kendras and offices for passport-related services. This includes getting new passports, renewing old ones, and other miscellaneous services.

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