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Parliament Attack 2023 Reveal Serious Security Issues



Parliament Attack

Discover the shocking truth behind the recent Parliament attack and the alarming security vulnerabilities they exposed.

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A Major Breach of Security

In India, certain buildings are considered extremely secure. The Parliament building is one of them. It is a symbol of our democracy and is meant to be a safe place. However, recently, there was a major security breach that exposed a flaw in the system.

A Shocking Incident

On Wednesday, two people managed to get past all the security measures and entered the main hall of Parliament. They even made it close to the well before they were stopped. This incident is a big embarrassment for our security forces, especially because it happened on the same day as we remember the Parliament attack that occurred in 2001.

Questions That Need Answers

The government has formed a committee to investigate what went wrong and how this breach happened. But the real question is, how did this happen again? We had a similar incident in the past, and measures were supposed to be taken to prevent it from happening again. Those responsible for this breach should be punished, and the security system needs a complete overhaul.

Potential Danger

Imagine if these intruders had dangerous materials with them. It could have been a disaster. This incident shows that our intelligence and security agencies have failed us.

Arrests Made

According to the media, four people have been arrested in connection with this incident. One of them is Amol Shinde from Maharashtra, and another is Sagar Sharma, who had an entry pass signed by a Member of Parliament. This raises questions about how they managed to get such a pass and how they were able to hide tear gas canisters in their shoes.

A Wake-Up Call

Usually, when a security breach happens, measures are taken to prevent it from happening again. But this incident happened on the same day as the Parliament attacks from 22 years ago. It is not just shameful, but it also shows that our security agencies were not prepared.

In conclusion, this incident has exposed serious flaws in our security system. It is important for the government to take immediate action and ensure that such breaches do not happen again. The safety of our Parliament and democracy should be a top priority.

Vinay Kumar is Marketing Professional turned Entrepreneur, believes in turning ideas into reality.

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