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Operation Ajay: India’s Mission to Bring Citizens Back from War-Torn Israel

Special charter flights and other arrangements being put in place to get the Indian citizens out.



Operation Ajay

Discover the incredible efforts of a mission, “Operation Ajay” aimed at repatriating citizens from Israel.

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India Launches “Operation Ajay”

Amid the intense fighting between Israel and Hamas terrorists, India has taken action to bring its citizens back from the conflict zone. The Union Ministry of External Affairs has launched “Operation Ajay” to facilitate the safe return of Indian citizens from Israel. S Jaishankar, the Union Minister for External Affairs, announced this through his X (formerly Twitter) account. He mentioned that special charter flights and other arrangements are being made to ensure the well-being of Indian nationals abroad.

Embassy’s Efforts

The Indian Embassy in Israel has responded to S Jaishankar’s announcement. They have emailed the first group of registered Indian citizens for a special flight scheduled for tomorrow. Messages will be sent to other registered individuals for subsequent flights. This shows the embassy’s commitment to assisting Indian citizens in returning home safely.

18,000 Indians in Israel

Currently, there are around 18,000 Indians in Israel, many of whom are in the conflict zones. The Indian Embassy in Tel Aviv has been receiving numerous requests from Indians, including tourists, who want to leave the country due to the ongoing violence. The majority of Indians in Israel work as caregivers, but there are also Indian students and IT professionals. The embassy has advised Indian citizens to stay vigilant and keep in contact with their office.

Toll Rises to 3,600

The toll in the Israel-Hamas war is increasing rapidly. Recent reports state that over 3,600 people have lost their lives in the conflict. In response to the situation, Israel has formed an emergency unity government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The new government includes a war cabinet, which includes former defense minister Benny Gantz.

These developments occur as Israel continues to carry out airstrikes on Gaza and deploys additional forces around the Palestinian enclave.

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