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NZ vs AFG, World Cup 2023

Afghanistan and New Zealand Prepare for World Cup Showdown




Get ready for an epic showdown as New Zealand takes on Afghanistan in the highly anticipated World Cup 2023 match. Stay updated with all the latest news, predictions, and highlights of this thrilling encounter.

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Afghanistan Addresses Batting Issues

Afghanistan’s cricket team is still celebrating their incredible victory over England in the World Cup. However, their captain, Hashmatullah Shahidi, knows that there are some problems they need to fix.

Shahidi admitted that their batting performance has been a concern. They have struggled when faced with consecutive wickets falling, which puts them under pressure. Even in the match against England, they lost six wickets for just 76 runs after a strong start.

To address this issue, Shahidi and his team have discussed the problem and agreed that they need to improve. They need to stay mentally strong and perform well, especially in the middle-order. Shahidi believes that if they can do this, they have a good chance of winning.

Afghanistan’s Advantage in Familiar Conditions

Despite playing their first international match in Chennai, Shahidi believes that his team has an advantage. They have spent the last few years in India and are used to the conditions. In fact, they spent 40 days in Chennai preparing for the 2019 World Cup. This familiarity gives them an edge, especially in conditions similar to Afghanistan.

New Zealand Confident in Their Winning Streak

On the other side, New Zealand’s captain, Tom Latham, is confident in his team’s ability to continue their winning streak. They have won their last three matches and are determined to make it four.

Latham believes that if they stick to their plan and execute it well, they will be a difficult team to beat. However, he is wary of Afghanistan’s bowling attack. He acknowledges that Afghanistan has fantastic bowlers, both spinners and seamers, who will pose a challenge.

To prepare for this, Latham has spoken to players who have faced Afghanistan’s bowlers in the Indian Premier League (IPL). He wants to gather as much information as possible to help his team strategize.


Both Afghanistan and New Zealand are gearing up for an exciting match in the World Cup. Afghanistan is working on their batting issues, while New Zealand is confident in their winning streak. It will be a thrilling showdown between two talented teams.