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Mahagathbandhan Drama Unfolds on 40 seats in Bihar




Get the latest updates on the Mahagathbandhan drama unfolding on 40 seats in Bihar. Stay informed on the political alliances and strategies shaping the upcoming elections in the state.

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Discontent Within the Mahagathbandhan

The Mahagathbandhan, a political alliance in Bihar, is facing some serious issues. Lalu Prasad, the leader of the RJD party, is causing trouble by not giving proper respect to the Congress party. This has led to some tension within the alliance.

Unilateral Decisions Causing Strife

Lalu Prasad has been making decisions without consulting other members of the Mahagathbandhan. For example, he announced candidates for upcoming elections without discussing it with the rest of the alliance. This has upset some members, especially those from the Congress party.

Specific Issues

Aurangabad Lok Sabha Seat

One specific incident that caused tension was when Lalu Prasad chose a candidate for the Aurangabad Lok Sabha seat without considering the Congress party’s preferences. This decision upset a former Congress MP who was hoping to run for that seat.

Purnia Seat Dispute

Another issue arose when a prominent politician, Pappu Yadav, wanted to run for the Purnia seat. However, Lalu Prasad asked him to run from a different seat, causing some conflict. This decision did not sit well with Pappu Yadav, who wanted to represent his stronghold.

Hit by a Son Stroke

A recent bone of contention is the selection of the Congress candidate from Begusarai. Kanhaiya Kumar was expected to be the candidate, but Lalu allowed CPI leader D Raja to announce Awadhesh Rai as the nominee without consulting Congress. This decision has left Kanhaiya out in the cold.

Concerns Over Kanhaiya’s Popularity

It’s no secret that Lalu Yadav has never been a fan of Kanhaiya Kumar. Ever since Kanhaiya joined Congress from CPI, Lalu has been worried that Kanhaiya’s popularity and oratory skills could overshadow his son, Tejashwi Yadav. Kanhaiya has the potential to bring new energy to Congress, which has been overshadowed by RJD. This may be why Lalu decided to sideline Kanhaiya.

Impact on Congress

This move has not only hurt Kanhaiya but also damaged Congress. By denying winnable seats and giving fewer promising ones in the name of alliance, Lalu has put the Congress in a tough spot. Some Congress leaders are even hinting that if they are not treated fairly, they may consider breaking ties with RJD as well.


The Mahagathbandhan in Bihar is facing some challenges due to unilateral decisions made by Lalu Prasad. If these issues are not resolved, the alliance could be in danger of collapsing. It is important for all parties involved to communicate and work together to ensure the success of the alliance.

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