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India’s 8% GDP Growth: Path to Becoming a Global Powerhouse

With 8% growth, India’s contribution to global GDP would almost be on par with China by 2028: Barclays




Learn about India’s impressive 8% GDP growth rate and how it positions the country as a global economic powerhouse.

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India’s Growth Ambitions

According to a recent report by Barclays, India has the potential to become the biggest driver of global growth, surpassing even China. To achieve this, India would need to target an 8 percent growth rate. The report highlights that India’s growth has been impressive, with robust expansion and low inflation. It is on track to achieve at least 6 percent GDP growth while maintaining macro stability.

Challenges Ahead

However, the report raises an important question: Can India encourage faster growth without compromising its hard-won macro stability? India has been a shining example of economic stability amidst global turbulence in recent years. But now, the challenge is to sustain this growth while facing external economic uncertainties.

A Remarkable Turnaround

The report acknowledges India’s remarkable recovery story. Just a decade ago, India was part of the “Fragile Five” economies, struggling with heavy debt, an unstable financial sector, and weak fiscal policies. However, India has managed to turn things around and improve its investment appeal.

India’s Contribution to Global GDP

Despite being the fastest-growing major economy (excluding China) over the past decade, India’s contribution to global GDP remains relatively small. Currently, India’s share of the global economy is much smaller than China’s and even lower than the United States. India needs to increase its global presence and economic influence.

Achieving GDP Growth

The report suggests that India can achieve the desired GDP growth by implementing certain economic preconditions. These include increasing the nominal savings rate to 32.3 percent of GDP, promoting female participation in the workforce, expanding global export share, and making productive use of capital.

Investment as a Driver

Investment has historically been the main driver of India’s economic growth. While investment ratios have declined in recent years, the report believes that India is at a point in its growth cycle where additional investment can generate returns at a more productive pace. The report emphasizes the need for greater investment in traditional sectors, as well as increased public investment to boost overall investment and push the GDP growth rate closer to 8 percent.

In conclusion, India has the potential to become a global economic powerhouse. With the right economic conditions and strategic investments, India can achieve significant growth and contribute more to the global economy. It is an exciting time for India as it continues to make strides towards becoming a major player on the world stage.

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