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India Resumes Visa Services in Canada on October 25

Visa Services Open for Canada



Visa Services

India has resumed its visa services in Canada, allowing individuals to once again apply for visas to travel to India

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Visa Services Open for Travelers

In some exciting news, India has resumed its visa services in Canada! This means that people who want to visit India can now apply for different types of visas, such as Entry visas, Business visas, medical visas, and Conference visas.

Why Did India Stop Issuing Visas?

A few weeks ago, India had to temporarily stop issuing visas in Canada. The main reason for this was the safety and security of Indian diplomats. It wasn’t safe for them to go to work and issue visas because of some concerns.

Progress and Decision to Resume Visa Services

India’s Minister for External Affairs, Dr S Jaishankar, recently said that they were considering resuming visa services for Canadians. But this decision depended on the safety of Indian diplomats in Canada. If things improved and the diplomats were safe, they would be able to issue visas again.

Canada’s Concerns and India’s Response

Canada had some concerns about India’s involvement in a murder case. They thought that Indian agents might have been involved in the killing of a person named Hardeep Singh Nijjar. However, India dismissed these concerns and said they were not involved.

Canada’s Response and India’s Refutation

In response to their concerns, Canada decided to withdraw 41 of its diplomats from India. They believed that India was trying to take away their diplomatic immunity. But India has already denied these claims and said that they are not true.

Current Situation

Now, Canada has 21 diplomats in India. The 41 who left were accompanied by 42 dependents. This means that there are still some Canadian diplomats in India, but not as many as before.


It’s great news that India has resumed its visa services in Canada! People who want to visit India can now apply for different types of visas. Hopefully, the situation between India and Canada will improve, and both countries can work together peacefully.

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