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India to Host First-Ever SCO Summit with PM Modi on 4th July

SCO Summit with PM Modi on 4th July



SCO Summit

Discover the significance of this event and its potential impact on regional cooperation and global affairs.

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The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has emerged as a prominent regional organization that promotes cooperation and stability among its member countries. Since its inception in 2001, the SCO has been working towards fostering peace, security, and economic development in the Eurasian region. In a significant development, India is set to host its first-ever SCO Summit on 4th July 2023, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi leading the proceedings. This milestone event highlights India’s growing stature in the international arena and its commitment to multilateral diplomacy.

Historical Background:

India’s engagement with the SCO dates back to 2005 when it became an observer state. In 2017, India, along with Pakistan, was granted full membership, expanding the SCO’s influence in South Asia. Since then, India has actively participated in various SCO activities, including ministerial meetings, working groups, and joint military exercises. Hosting the SCO Summit provides India with a unique opportunity to showcase its diplomatic capabilities and further strengthen its ties with member countries.

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Key Objectives of the Summit:

The first-ever SCO Summit to be held in India carries significant importance and is expected to address various critical issues concerning the region. Some of the key objectives of the summit are as follows:

Enhancing Regional Security: One of the primary goals of the SCO is to ensure stability and security in the region. The summit will provide a platform for member states to discuss and coordinate strategies to counter terrorism, separatism, and extremism. Given India’s own experiences with terrorism, the country can contribute valuable insights to the collective security framework of the SCO.

Promoting Economic Cooperation: The SCO aims to boost economic cooperation among member states through trade facilitation, investment promotion, and infrastructure development. The summit will explore avenues for increased economic collaboration, including the expansion of the SCO Business Council and the Interbank Consortium. This can open up new opportunities for Indian businesses to engage with the Eurasian market.

Strengthening Cultural and People-to-People Exchanges: The SCO promotes cultural diversity and people-to-people exchanges as a means to foster greater understanding and harmony among member states. The summit will focus on initiatives to promote cultural dialogue, tourism, education, and youth exchanges. Such endeavors will deepen the cultural bonds between India and other SCO nations, facilitating stronger ties at various levels.

Climate Change and Sustainable Development: With climate change posing significant challenges globally, the SCO Summit provides a platform for member states to collaborate on environmental protection, renewable energy, and sustainable development. India’s leadership in renewable energy initiatives, such as the International Solar Alliance, can contribute to the SCO’s efforts in addressing climate-related issues.

India’s Role and Expectations:

India’s hosting of the first-ever SCO Summit is a testament to its growing influence and its commitment to regional cooperation. As the host country, India will play a pivotal role in guiding the discussions and setting the agenda for the summit. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, known for his proactive and visionary approach to international relations, is expected to outline India’s vision for the SCO’s future growth and development.

According to sources, PM Modi will hold bilateral meetings with some of the SCO leaders on the sidelines of the summit. He will also inaugurate a number of projects and events related to India’s presidency of the SCO, such as a cultural festival, a trade fair, a film festival, and a youth forum.

India’s priorities for the summit are likely to focus on countering terrorism, enhancing connectivity, and strengthening economic ties within the SCO framework. India’s “Neighbourhood First” policy and the “Act East” policy align well with the SCO’s objectives, making India a natural contributor to the organization’s efforts in promoting regional peace and stability.

The summit is expected to adopt a joint declaration that will reflect the common vision and priorities of the SCO members for the future development of the organisation and the region. The declaration will also reaffirm the commitment of the SCO to uphold the principles of multilateralism, international law, and dialogue in addressing global issues.


The first-ever SCO Summit to be hosted by India on 4th July 2023 marks a significant milestone in India’s engagement with the SCO and showcases the country’s growing role in regional affairs. The summit will provide a platform for member states to discuss and address critical issues, including security, economic cooperation, cultural exchanges, and climate change. India’s active participation in the SCO demonstrates its commitment to multilateral diplomacy and its determination to contribute to the progress and prosperity of the Eurasian region. As the host country, India has a unique opportunity to shape the future direction of the SCO and further strengthen its relationships with member nations.

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