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Challenge of Regulating 50K E-Rickshaws in Lucknow




Explore the challenges in regulating the growing fleet of 50,000 e-rickshaws in Lucknow. Learn about the impact on traffic, infrastructure, and safety measures in this rapidly evolving transportation sector.

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Introduction of the Plan

To control the chaotic operation of e-rickshaws in Lucknow, the police devised a plan to organize and regulate these affordable modes of transportation. The plan included registering the vehicles and assigning specific routes through color coding. However, progress has been slow since its introduction on January 1.

Current Situation

Despite being a convenient mode of transport for short distances, the increasing number of e-rickshaws has led to congestion on the roads and traffic issues. The Regional Transport Office (RTO) reported over 50,000 e-rickshaws in Lucknow, but only 18,000 have been registered so far.

Challenges Faced

Low Registration Numbers

The slow registration process has been attributed to various factors, such as vehicles operating in other districts, outdated vehicles, and those operating beyond city limits. The discrepancy in numbers has made it difficult to effectively regulate e-rickshaws in the city.

Lack of Authority

Authorities have expressed their inability to halt new registrations of e-rickshaws, citing the need for amendments in registration laws. Despite efforts to address the issue, the power to stop further registrations lies with the government at the state level.

Proposed Solutions

Halting New Registrations

To address the growing number of e-rickshaws, the Lucknow Auto Rickshaw Three-Wheeler Association (LARTS) has proposed halting new registrations, similar to other cities like Agra and Mathura. However, the decision to stop new registrations requires directives from higher transport officials.

Finalizing Routes

The police aim to finalize the routes for e-rickshaws by the end of March to streamline their operation in the city. Without proper registration, e-rickshaws will not be allowed to operate on the designated routes.

In conclusion, the challenge of regulating e-rickshaws in Lucknow continues as authorities work towards finding solutions to manage the increasing number of vehicles on the roads.

Vinay Kumar is Marketing Professional turned Entrepreneur, believes in turning ideas into reality.

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