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Bishan Singh Bedi: A Legendary Cricketer and Remarkable Human Being passed away at 77

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Bishan Singh Bedi

Discover the remarkable journey of Bishan Singh Bedi, a true legend in the world of cricket.

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A Cricketing Legend

Bishan Singh Bedi was not just an ordinary cricketer. He was an extraordinary left-arm spinner who left a lasting impact on the game. His skill and talent were unmatched, making him the greatest left-arm spinner in the history of cricket.

A Multifaceted Personality

But Bedi was more than just a cricketer. He was a historian, storyteller, caring elder, friend, father, and life partner. He had a wealth of knowledge and could talk about anything under the sun, from cricket to religion, history, politics, literature, and more. His passion for learning was inspiring, even in his later years.

A Man of Principles

One of the best things about Bedi was his honesty and integrity. He never hesitated to speak his mind, even if it meant going against popular opinion. He believed in playing fair and refused to accept certain players or actions that he felt were not in line with the spirit of the game.

A Love for Tradition

Bedi had a deep appreciation for tradition. He admired legendary cricketers like Don Bradman for their pure batting technique and Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi for his Indianness in the dressing room. While he may have had differences with some players, like Sunil Gavaskar, he always acknowledged their greatness and respected their skills.

A Master of Anecdotes

Bedi was not only a great cricketer but also a master storyteller. He could entertain you with anecdotes from his playing days and off the field. What made him so lovable was his ability to laugh at himself and his willingness to share his knowledge and experiences with others.

A Humble Team Player

Despite his immense talent, Bedi remained humble and always acknowledged the contributions of his teammates. He considered himself a mere cog in the famed Indian spin quartet, which included EAS Prasanna, BS Chandrasekhar, and S Venkataraghavan. He celebrated their success and applauded their skills, showing his true sportsmanship.

A Mentor and Guide

Bedi was not only a great cricketer but also a mentor and guide to many aspiring players. He played a crucial role in the success of Delhi and North Zone cricket, inspiring and honing the skills of future stars. He was always willing to share his wisdom with young journalists and help them grow in their careers.

A Remarkable Legacy

Bedi’s impact extended beyond the cricket field. He was known for his love of cooking, his massive collection of books, and his kind and caring nature. He will be remembered as a cricketing legend, a remarkable human being, and a guiding force in the lives of many.


Bishan Singh Bedi’s life was filled with unparalleled skill, high principles, and unwavering passion. He will be deeply missed but forever cherished in the hearts of those who knew him. Rest in peace, sir.

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