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Ameen Sayani: The Voice of Radio Silence

Remembering Ameen Sayani



Ameen Sayani

Discover the fascinating story of Ameen Sayani, the iconic voice behind Radio Silence. Learn about his journey and impact on the world of radio broadcasting.

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The Legendary Radio Presenter

Ameen Sayani, the iconic voice behind Binaca Geetmala, has left us at the age of 91. His captivating voice ruled the airwaves from the 1950s to the 1990s, leaving a lasting impact on millions of listeners.

The Charming Host

Ameen Sayani was more than just a voice on the radio. Every Wednesday at 8 PM, people all over India would tune in to Radio Ceylon to hear his warm greeting: “Behnon aur Bhaiyon” (Sisters and Brothers). Binaca Geetmala was not just a radio show; it was a topic of discussion, a bond between people, and an addiction. Sayani’s friendly style and charisma made him a beloved companion for many generations.

The Golden Era of Radio

In the 1950s to 1970s, radio was the main source of entertainment in India. Sayani not only represented the golden age of radio but also helped it grow. His show played a crucial role in promoting Hindi cinema, where songs were key to a film’s success. The emotional connection Sayani’s show had with listeners was truly special.

The Beginning of Binaca Geetmala

When Hindi songs were banned on All India Radio, Radio Ceylon saw an opportunity. Binaca Geetmala was born as an affordable experiment, with Sayani leading the way. He did everything from choosing songs, writing the script, hosting the show, and handling feedback—all for a modest payment of Rs 25 per week.

The Unique Selling Point: Ameen Sayani’s Voice

The show’s format of playing 16 hit songs in an hour was exciting, but it was Sayani’s voice that made Binaca Geetmala stand out. At its peak, the show received an incredible 65,000 letters every week. Sayani’s relaxed and friendly style led to memorable interviews with top composers, lyricists, and singers of the time.

Beyond Binaca Geetmala

Sayani’s influence went beyond Binaca Geetmala. He hosted other popular shows like S Kumar’s Ka Filmi Muqadamma and even lent his voice to advertising jingles. Sometimes, he even appeared in movies, introducing films like Dev Anand’s Teen Devian (1965) with his signature commentary.

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