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AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes Unconventional Management Meeting Sparks Controversy

Sharing the post on LinkedIn, Fernandes appreciated Indonesia and AirAsia’s culture.




Read about the controversial incident where AirAsia’s CEO shocks attendees by sitting shirtless in a meeting. Discover the criticism and reactions surrounding this unconventional move.

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Unusual Work Culture Draws Criticism

AirAsia’s CEO, Tony Fernandes, recently shared a photo on LinkedIn that has caused quite a stir. In the picture, he can be seen sitting shirtless in a conference room while receiving a massage during a management meeting. While Fernandes praised the work culture that allows him to multitask in this way, many people on the internet found it inappropriate.

Backlash and Criticism

After Fernandes posted the photo, it received mixed reactions. Some users expressed their disapproval, stating that it was inappropriate for a grown man, especially a CEO, to conduct a meeting without a shirt on. Others criticized the company’s work culture, comparing it to their negative experiences as AirAsia passengers.

One user sarcastically commented, “Work at AirAsia, where meetings are as gross as our passenger experience. You have managed to capture everything from inappropriate entitlement to exemplary C Suite tone deafness in a single image. Bravo!”

Another user suggested that even if the meeting took place after work hours, Fernandes should have at least put on a shirt for the photo.

Supportive Comments

Despite the backlash, some users praised Fernandes for his unconventional approach to work. One person wrote, “Love this boss!!” while another said, “My favorite post on LinkedIn. Looking forward to you posting more of your day-to-day office life.”

Final Thoughts

While Fernandes may have intended to showcase AirAsia’s unique work culture, the photo has sparked controversy instead. It serves as a reminder that what may be acceptable in one context can be seen as inappropriate in another. As professionals, it’s important to consider the impressions we give and the messages we convey, both online and offline.

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