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Air India Launches New Inflight Magazine ‘’

The magazine is available on board all domestic and international flights of Air India from July 25, 2023.



Discover the new inflight magazine by Air India. Explore captivating articles, travel tips, and cultural insights that will enhance your journey.

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If you are flying with Air India, you might notice a new addition to your seat pocket: the inflight magazine ‘’. This magazine is the latest initiative by the national carrier to enhance its customer experience and showcase its transformation journey.

The introduction of this new publication is a reflection of Air India’s commitment to delivering top-notch in-flight entertainment, cultural awareness, and a glimpse into the vibrant tapestry of India. With ‘,’ the airline seeks to create an enriching and immersive travel experience for its passengers, combining the spirit of Indian hospitality with the wonders of modern technology.


The Inspiration behind ‘’

The name ‘’ beautifully encapsulates the essence of India’s traditional greeting, “Namaste,” which is a gesture of respect and acknowledgment of the divine spark within each individual. The addition of “ai” to the name signifies the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the magazine, signifying a harmonious blend of India’s rich cultural heritage with cutting-edge technology.

The magazine is available on board all domestic and international flights of Air India from July 25, 2023. It replaces the bilingual magazine Shubh Yatra, which was discontinued in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Why ‘’?

The launch of ‘’ is part of Air India’s efforts to reinvent itself and become a world-class global airline with an Indian heart. Under the leadership of CEO and MD Campbell Wilson, who took charge in April 2023, Air India has embarked on a transformation journey that involves improving its operational efficiency, customer service, brand image, and employee morale.

Wilson wrote in the inaugural edition of ‘’, “A new Air India is taking off and we are eager for your feedback as we make progress.” He also invited passengers to share their suggestions and stories on social media using the hashtag #NamasteAI.

The magazine also serves as a platform for Air India to communicate with its passengers and inform them about its achievements and challenges. For instance, the magazine highlights how Air India has been playing a vital role in the Vande Bharat Mission, the world’s largest repatriation operation that brought back over 10 million stranded Indians from abroad amid the Covid-19 crisis.

Content and Features

‘’ offers an extensive array of content, catering to a diverse audience of travelers from around the world. The magazine boasts several intriguing features, including:

Destination Spotlights: Discover the hidden gems of India’s diverse landscapes and cultures. From the snow-capped Himalayan peaks to the pristine beaches of Kerala, readers will be inspired to explore the myriad of experiences that India has to offer.

Culinary Journeys: Delve into the exquisite world of Indian cuisine, with recipes from different regions, highlighting the use of spices and traditional cooking techniques. This section allows passengers to embark on a gastronomic adventure through India’s aromatic and flavorful dishes.

Art and Culture: Immerse yourself in India’s artistic and cultural heritage. Explore the classical dance forms, traditional music, and craftsmanship of local artisans, reflecting the vibrant tapestry of India’s history and contemporary creativity.

In-depth Interviews: Engaging interviews with prominent personalities from various fields – from literature and cinema to sports and business. These conversations offer readers unique insights into the minds of India’s talented individuals who have made a mark globally.

Technological Innovations: As an airline magazine infused with artificial intelligence, ‘’ will periodically feature articles on the latest advancements in technology, including AI applications in the aviation industry and beyond.

Travel Tips: Practical travel advice, language guides, and cultural etiquette to help passengers navigate their journey through India with ease.

How to read ‘’?

You can read ‘’ on board an Air India flight by picking up a copy from your seat pocket. You can also access the digital version of the magazine on your personal device by scanning a QR code or visiting

You can also view the magazine online here:

The Integration of AI

‘‘ sets itself apart from traditional inflight magazines by incorporating AI technology. The magazine will be available in both print and digital formats, with an interactive AI-powered digital version accessible through the airline’s inflight entertainment system. This innovative approach allows passengers to enjoy personalized content recommendations based on their interests, reading habits, and previous travel experiences. The AI technology also enables real-time language translations, catering to Air India’s international clientele and fostering a more inclusive and enjoyable reading experience.

Sustainable and Environmentally Conscious

Air India is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. To align with its green initiatives, ‘’ will focus on promoting eco-friendly travel practices, emphasizing responsible tourism, and raising awareness about environmental conservation efforts in India and around the world.


The launch of Air India’s new inflight magazine, ‘,’ marks a remarkable milestone for the airline in its journey to offer unparalleled experiences to its passengers. By combining the time-honored tradition of ‘Namaste’ with the power of AI technology, Air India has crafted a publication that celebrates India’s cultural wealth and diverse heritage. As travelers embark on their flights with Air India, they can now look forward to an enriching and immersive experience, where ‘’ will serve as a window into the soul of India, fostering a sense of curiosity, appreciation, and connection with the remarkable country that awaits them.

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