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3,080 Workers Selected for Jobs in Israel as Walk-in Registrations Conclude

There are 10000 vacancies for construction workers




Learn about the exciting opportunity for UP workers to work in Israel. Find out how they were selected and what this means for their future employment prospects.

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Walk-in Registrations End, Skill Test Begins

The walk-in registration of workers from India to Israel has come to an end at the Government ITI in Aliganj, Lucknow. Now, a skill test will be conducted until January 30th to select the candidates for the job opportunities in Israel. Late on Sunday, an official announced that 3,080 workers have already been selected for these jobs. There are a total of 10,000 vacancies for construction workers, which is why thousands of people lined up at the Aliganj ITI office.

Only Registered Candidates Can Participate in the Skill Test

To participate in the skill test, candidates must have an application form with a signature and seal issued by the Government ITI, Aliganj, and must also be registered with the labor department. The skill test will assess the abilities of the candidates in various tasks such as shuttering work, tiles and marble fitting, and wall plastering. Candidates who have not registered with the labor department and have not approached the Government ITI Aliganj by January 28th to get their application form signed will not be able to appear for the skill test.

Number of Candidates and Chaos at the ITI Aliganj

Around 2,400 application forms were distributed, and only these candidates will be allowed to appear in the skill test until January 30th. So far, 4,200 candidates have taken the test, and another 2,400 are expected to appear over the next two days. On Sunday, thousands of candidates gathered at the ITI Aliganj gates, causing chaos. Job seekers from Uttar Pradesh and even from outside the state lined up for the skill test, hoping to secure one of the 10,000 construction worker vacancies in Israel. These jobs offer a decent monthly salary of Rs. 1,37,250, along with a fund bonus of Rs. 15,000.

Employment Opportunities Under the Chief Minister Mission Employment Scheme

The skill test is organized by the state government as part of the Chief Minister Mission Employment Scheme, which aims to provide employment opportunities to Indian workers in Israel. The process of employing construction workers in Israel is being carried out by NSDC International, an agency working under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India, and PIBA.

Overall, this opportunity has attracted a diverse crowd of young and middle-aged individuals from different educational backgrounds, all searching for stable and well-paying jobs. The labor and employment minister, Anil Rajbhar, and the minister of state for vocational education, skill development, and entrepreneurship, Kapil Dev Aggarwal, were present during the launch of the skill tests.

Vinay Kumar is Marketing Professional turned Entrepreneur, believes in turning ideas into reality.

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